Printed Marketing Materials

Optimize your Printed Marketing Materials

Do you want traditional marketing tools to represent your brand and spark interest? Even in this digital age, printed marketing materials are sometimes still the best way to deliver your message. I write content and copy for a variety of formats.

Flyers and Handouts

Distribute flyers at events to promote special offers and events. You can expand the reach of paper flyer by sharing a digital version via email and social media. As your copywriter, I will help you generate interest.



Carry brochures with you wherever you go. They are a popular sales and marketing tool because they are versatile, compact, and simple. You might want a brochure to tell the story of your brand or to explain the benefits of what you offer. As your copywriter, I will write a brochure that is easy to read and understand.

Sales Letters

Send direct marketing sales letters to assist your sales team. It is the perfect format to introduce the benefits of your product or service, answer common questions, and resolve frequent objections. As your copywriter, I will write sales letters that promote sales.

Posters, Banners, and Signs

Hang large marketing materials to notify many people about relevant information. Choosing each word carefully is critical because people only see these types of material briefly, and often from a distance. As your copywriter, I will help you create posters, banners, and signs that attract attention and are simple yet memorable.

Branded Content

Invest in publishing branded content to educate people about your product or service. Branded content, such as advertorials, native ads, and sponsored content, is a powerful form of content marketing.  As your copywriter, I will write content that conforms to the publication’s standards and showcases your organization’s specialty.


Mail postcards to inform many people about a current promotion or upcoming event. Only a few words will fit, so every word counts. As your copywriter, I will select phrases that spark interest.

Planning a Printed Marketing Material

I recommend contacting me as soon as you decide you want printed marketing materials. You will want to finalize the messaging early enough to allow sufficient time for designing and printing. I will collaborate with your team to write copy that elicits a response.

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