How I Helped Others

Typical Clients

Are you ever unsure of exactly what type of help you need? For some of my clients, I am the first copywriter they have ever hired. These short stories give you a peek into the solutions I have provided various clients.

Marketing Director


A new marketing director wanted to prove her value by providing high-quality deliverables on multiple projects. She relied on me to provide excellent content and meet deadlines. By delegating to various creative and reliable freelancers, she accomplished more than she could if she tried to keep all projects in-house.

Marketing Agency

A small design and marketing agency wanted to keep clients when their needs expanded to include content and copy. By sub-contracting my services, the agency impressed their clients with the scope, quality, and promptness of its services. They felt confident enough to take on new clients with more diverse needs.

Business Owner

Business Owners

A home improvement business received many calls from people who were not potential customers and not enough inquiries from ideal clients. I discovered his website failed to describe the benefits of their specialty. Redesigning the website and rewriting the copy attracted more calls from people who were a better fit for their business. The precise wording and unique content also improved their SEO. Ultimately, the employees had more time for generating revenue. The owner spent less time “putting out fires” and devoted more time to his family.

Principal and Board of Director

Principals and Board of Directors/Trustees

The board members and the administration of a Montessori school wanted to increase community awareness of the programming the school offered. As a member of the PR team, I helped create messaging and copy for mailers, handouts, social media, and a landing page. The board members and administration focused on making high-level decisions to keep the school running.

Listing Agent

A business broker company wanted to sell several businesses, but the brokers were busy with the financial side of the transactions. Instead of muddling through writing an ad, the brokers outsourced the writing to me. They were able to post advertisements that attracted buyers, while they focused on other aspects of closing a deal. Please read my process for working with listing agents.