Use Marketing E-books to Wow Your Tribe

E-books play an integral role in content marketing. The difference between a blog and an e-book is length and value. An e-book is longer and promises enough valuable information that website visitors are willing to trade their e-mail address to access it.

My clients use e-books to generate leads, build trust, and inform a target audience. You may ask, “How do e-books deliver on such high expectations?”

People who download and read an e-book show three traits that distinguishes them from people with casual interest.

  • They are already investing time, and possibly money, to solve a problem.
  • They are actively seeking more information to help them make informed decisions.
  • They believe you have the expertise they need.

In short, your e-book readers are your tribe! Dazzle these VIPs with a red carpet treatment so you can take your business relationship to the next level. Give them an e-book that feels like chatting with a trusted friend and gives them a peek into how you can help them. Start by showing you understand their predicament. Then, provide helpful information and advice. Finally, inspire the reader to take a small step in the right direction.

The first step to writing an e-book is figuring out what questions your clients frequently ask, that you can help them answer.  As the writer, I do copious amounts of research. However, you have an integral role to play as the subject matter expert.

Let me help you write e-books that take your relationship with readers to the next level.

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