Business and Real Estate Listings

Delegate Now and Celebrate Later

Business and Real Estate Listings

I help agents and brokers create marketing materials for their  business and real estate listings.

Imagine you have just secured a prized new business or real estate listing. Do you immediately start mentally spending your future commission? Perhaps you could take a vacation, upgrade your car, or pay off debt. Of course, you have many responsibilities ahead to close the deal. Attracting suitable buyers will be a top priority.

Marketing your Listing

A robust marketing plan includes distributing a well-written ad. Your strategy may also include customized letters to specific potential buyers and brokers. Specific messaging on the ads and letters invites buyers and their agents to investigate the opportunity you offer.

Investing in superior marketing materials doesn’t just help with one sale. The marketing materials  demonstrates how much you care about your clients’ success. These happy clients often refer to other sellers. I suggest adding the marketing materials to a sales portfolio to show potential sellers.

How I Work with Business Brokers

Brokers simultaneously juggle multiple roles and frequently report feeling overwhelmed. Delegate the marketing writing to reduce stress and focus on other elements of closing the deal. My process is simple.

Call or email me when you get the listing. Let me know your timeline and  preliminary information. I sign non-disclosure agreements upon request. Contact me again when the valuation is nearly complete. You will share details about the seller, the business, the industry, and ideal buyers. Next, I conduct an in-depth interview with the sellers. These conversations are pivotal to the direction of the messaging. My technique often reveals assets and growth opportunities that others miss. When feasible, I extend my research by going to the place of business.

Next, I analyze the motivations of the ideal buyers and write ads or letters that appeal to them. I send you a preliminary draft and invite feedback before finalizing the wording. If you want an advertisement to include design elements, I send the text to a graphic designer. After the designer spruces up the visual aspects, you receive an ad distributable on multiple channels. You may attach it to emails, post it to your favorite listing websites, and pass out flyers. If you have specific buyers in mind, I will use a similar process to write letters those individuals.

How I Work with Real Estate Agents

Delegating marketing and customer service tasks to professionals allows high-volume agents to focus on sales and client relationships. In addition to writing marketing materials for listings, I can write blogs, email campaigns, and website copy. Real estate agents appreciate that I understand real estate from multiple viewpoints.

Process and Pricing
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