I have used Heather for over 2 years now to write the blogs on my website. Her attention to keywords have consistently kept me high in SEO and Google rankings and I regularly get nearly 3,000 new visitors to my website per month! Thanks Heather!

Mathnasium of Littleton Director CuttlefishInk

Very knowledgeable, a true professional in her field and a pleasure to work with!

Mathnasium of Medford Franchise Owner CuttlefishInk

If you are looking for someone with “magic words” to help increase your business engagement, give Heather a call. She’s a word wizard!

Space 2B Me LLC Business Owner CuttlefishInk

Heather has a gift for sensing what you are wanting to convey and can succinctly and eloquently compose it for you. She is easy to work with and creates quality pieces. Give her a call and you will see for yourself.

Cornerstone Auto Glass Director of Marketing CuttlefishInk

Heather Dodd is a knowledgeable writer. She has expertise in writing articles, blogs and much more. She is very personable and is a great listener. By hearing exactly what her clients are saying, she is able to capture their thoughts and concepts in writing.

Scribe Syndicate Content Writer CuttlefishInk

Heather is a talented professional who understands strategic communication and develops compelling content. She’s also great fun to work with!

Dougherty Design and Consulting Graphic Designer CuttlefishInk

Heather is professional, proficient and specializes in wonderful content for your newsletters, bios, social media and websites. Give her a call!

Foothills Integrated Health In-house Marketer CuttlefishInk

We recently used Cuttlefish Copyright to help us write copy for our website. Heather was extremely patient and helpful. She ensured that our values and methods came across in our copy. She also had many helpful suggestions for user-friendliness and search-ability on our website. She made the whole process from start to finish run smoothly. I would highly recommend her!!!

Jacqueline C. Owner of Pears to Perennials CuttlefishInk

Outstanding professional! Heather is a master at copywriting and more. I highly recommend her. I will definitely be using her again in the future.

Mark J. Owner of Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine CuttlefishInk

Working with Heather has been like looking at myself in a mirror in a dimly lit room as the light is brightened to full strength.
Not only has she helped me express a clearer image of myself to my potential clients, but I find myself actually being transformed by the process.
Having her shape my words has increased my confidence, dramatically improved my social presence, and brought renewed joy in who I actually AM as a business woman!

Carrie E. Founder of United Momentum CuttlefishInk

Heather was really great to work with! She did a fantastic job of translating my industry jargon into a very thoughtful, understandable message. I will use her again!

Heidi O. Broker at Trailstone Insurance CuttlefishInk

Heather has researched and written more than 20 math-related articles for my learning center blog. She does a thorough job researching content and writes in a personable manner using real-life examples. Her background in education makes her particularly suited for the types of articles we need.

Suzie S. Center Director CuttlefishInk

Working with Heather at Cuttlefish Copywriting has been a dream come true! Somehow she is able to find the words I have not been able to find and describe my business perfectly! Heather has a real talent and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing top-notch, professional writing services.

Michele P. Business Coach CuttlefishInk

Cuttlefish Ink did an awesome job editing and reorganizing my website to attract viewers to it. By eloquently representing the high standards of music instruction and world music workshops at Resonations Studio Cuttlefish Ink lived up to its standards of linguistic empowerment! I will continue to use you for all my writing needs.
Thank you so much!

Resonations Studio Piano Studio Owner/Operator CuttlefishInk

Cuttlefish was awesome; they put into words what I couldn’t. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, I will always use Cuttlefish for all my writing needs.

Monica S. Business Owner CuttlefishInk

Easy, fast and thorough service to obtain an attractive brochure for my business.

Celeste G. Business Owner CuttlefishInk

I am a person that takes a paragraph to say what others can say in a sentence. Heather is fantastic at getting at the heart of your message and then retelling your story in a more concise and clear manner that comes across to any reader. Her work helps to strengthen your voice so that others can better understand what you are about. She is also very flexible with her time and is professional and approachable in her communication and feedback. I highly recommend her services!!

Sol G. Museum Educator at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles CuttlefishInk

Heather takes time to talk with you, listen, and researches the topic she is working on. She points out what you think might be obvious and makes sure that your audience is on the same page.
Professional at every stage of the process. I can’t thank her enough.

Nicole S. Marketing Director CuttlefishInk

Heather has done some good research and wrote some amazing articles in the field of education. She is easy to work with and provides an excellent service at reasonable rate for small business owners like us. I recommend her highly.

Gopi S. Franchise Owner CuttlefishInk

CuttlefishInk helped me create a how-to page for my new blog. It came out very precise, interesting, and informative. I know that it will give my customers the right idea about my business and possibly their impression of my business will be positive based on this. Totally worth it. Thanks!

Heather T. Travel Agent CuttlefishInk

Heather was extremely helpful as I embarked into unfamiliar waters, very patient, helpful and understanding of someone who is new the content marketing process.

Steve V. Franchise Owner CuttlefishInk

Not being in the word business I rely on the expert skills Heather has. She has done a great job working with our product and helping potential customers understand our products.
Heather, Thanks for all your help. I will be in touch.

Bud M. Business Owner CuttlefishInk

Heather at CuttlefishInk was enormously helpful with the editing process of my nonfiction eBook. She finished the work quickly (even for a way-too-ambitious deadline) and professionally. She provided useful insights that seamlessly worked within the original voice of the work. Thank you again, Heather!

Beth H. Content Writer CuttlefishInk

AMAZING! I got everything I needed quickly and perfectly done the first time.

Mike C. Marketing Director CuttlefishInk