Process and Pricing

Creating Captivating Content and Copy Is a Team Effort

If this is your first time working with a freelance writer, you may wonder what the process and pricing looks like. I use a simple four-step process designed to help me write fabulous content and copy. The method works best when I can speak with a knowledgeable member of your team.


After I understand the scope of the project, I will send an email summarizing what I will deliver to you and the price for that work. The price includes research, outlining, writing, editing, and revisions. Fifty percent is due before I will get started on the research.

Occasionally the scope of the project changes. For example, you may decide you want additional content. If the changes affect the price, the final invoice will reflect the change. Both parties should approve, in writing, any price and scope changes.


Step 1. Introduction

Send me a quick email or call so we can schedule a time to discuss your goals. We will talk about the scope, purpose, and timeline of your project. I will follow up with a proposal. If you decide to move forward with CuttlefishInk, we will proceed to step two.

Step 2. Getting to Know You Better

Excellent copy requires an in-depth understanding and a significant amount of information. (If you like trivia games, ask a copywriter to be on your team!) I always do extensive research on your subject matter, branding, target audience, and more. Speaking with someone familiar with your marketing strategy and branding helps me match my writing style to your brand and personality. 

Before I get started on the writing, I will send you an outline of the proposed messaging. This stage is the best time for you to make any significant changes. Small projects, such as postcards, may not require an outline.

Step 3. Creating the Content

After getting approval on the outline, I will start writing. Yow will read the first draft for voice, tone, accuracy, and brand consistency. If you are still developing a brand voice, this process will help define it. Give me feedback about what you like and what you would like to revise. I will edit the text until you love it.

Step 4. Delivery

I will send the finalized text to you or a designer to add media, code, and other details. Whenever possible, I review the integrated design and copy to make sure the finished product looks and sounds great.

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