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Why I Love Writing Copy and Content

About Cuttlefish Ink

I started freelance copywriting in 2014 because it combines several activities I enjoy- learning, writing, and helping people. Writing content and copy allows me to connect people with businesses, organizations, concepts, and other people. Those connections improve productivity, create joy, and spark collaboration. My clients love focusing on their core competencies rather than researching, writing, and editing. My fulfillment comes when I learn that a finished writing project is achieving results.

How Can I Help You?

Every writing project is unique, so creating a complete list of services is not practical. If you want to learn how I have helped others, click below.

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My Specialties

My personal and professional background helped me decide to specialize in youth activities and education. I have three active children, and I taught in dual-language classrooms for ten years. I have an expertise in Montessori education, second-language acquisition, English as a Second Language (ESL), literacy and math in elementary school, martial arts, gymnastics, and music.

Many of my clients also come from industries other than education. These businesses appreciate my background in teaching because I know how to simplify complex topics. Like a translator, I build a communication bridge between specialists and the people they help. Several clients reported that my interviewing technique helped them clarify strategies for employee training and customer interactions, in addition to marketing.

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Hablo y Entiendo Español

Solo escribo redacciones comerciales en inglés, pero puedo communicarme en español con Uds. y sus empleados. Este servicio es útil para las empresas que quieren conseguir clientes que hablan inglés, por ejemplo asuntos de turismo.


The Cuttlefish Ink Connection

How is writing for other people like being a cuttlefish? It may seem like the beginning of a bad joke, but there are similarities. Cuttlefish, like squid and octopus, are cephalopods. Cuttlefish alter their texture, color, and shape to match their surroundings. Cuttlefish squirt ink when they feel threatened. I don’t squirt ink, nor can I change my skin to blend in with the couch. However, writing uses ink, and I change my writing style to match the brand and message.

If you want a laugh and are curious about cuttlefish, check out this hilarious video. After watching, please remember to contact me so that we can get started on your project.

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