Writing Content and Copy to Propel Marketing

 As a freelance writer, I work as an extension of your team to help you connect with your target audience. Like the cuttlefish, known as the chameleon of the sea, I adapt my writing to fit your brand voice.  My teaching background helps me create content and copy that your audience will understand.

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Just a few of the possible ways I can help you
build your authority and improve your messaging …

Blogs and Articles

Let's publish targeted content to foster trust.

Attract the people you want to serve.

Give readers the opportunity to understand how you can help them. Publishing great content also improves SEO and brand recognition.

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Let's make a website to show what you do.

Create a website that gets more clicks.

Whether you are updating, re-branding, or starting fresh, I will work with you and the web designer to direct people toward your services or products.

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Printed Materials

Let's put your message into people's hands.

Postcards, Flyers, Brochures, Etc.

When you want to deliver a strong message in a small space, every word matters. I will write copy for printed materials so people remember you.

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Let's create marketing materials to attract buyers.

Marketing for Agents and Brokers

Does your “to-do” list feel never-ending? Try delegating some marketing tasks. Strong marketing benefits your client and bolsters your reputation.

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Emails and Newsletters

Let's strengthen relationships.

Increase the size and reach of your loyal tribe.

How consistently do you send email and newsletters with valuable information? I will help you stay “top of mind” with your contacts.

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Let's talk about what you need.

Every project is unique.

Would you like a social media post, an e-book, a crowdfunding pitch, customer relations material, press release, or something else? There are many ways to use writing to grow.


Frequent Clients of Cuttlefish Ink


Do you need a copywriter who understands your project objectives, the brand, and the motivations of target audience? I use psychographic information to write engaging and effective content and copy.

Let me help you achieve your marketing goals.

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Business Owners

Do you have enough hours in your day to ponder optimal messaging and word-choice? If not, let me be your wordsmith so you can advance your marketing plan. I work with businesses seeking to expand their reach and develop new relationships.

Let me help you take your marketing and branding to the next level!

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Principals and Board of Directors/Trustees

Do you want to encourage people to volunteer, participate, and contribute? Frequent, quality communication is a cornerstone for engaging interest. As a former teacher, and current mother of school-aged children, I understand the challenges facing schools.

Let’s invite more community involvement!

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Listing Agents and Brokers

Do you feel overwhelmed by the quantity of detailed tasks you must complete to get to the closing table? Consider allowing me write your marketing materials. You will likely increase both your volume and work satisfaction.

Let me write your marketing materials, such as ads, emails, and more.

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Clients say I have a knack for:

Understanding and motivating readers.

Helping organizations and brands discover key messages.

Breaking down complex ideas into bite size pieces.

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Si habla español y quiere atraer clientes que hablan inglés, yo puedo ayudar.